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Revella®: Rapid detection of Salmonella in the protein chain

Daily, thousands of analyzes of presence and absence of Salmonella are carried out all over the world. Whether for environmental control of farms, for control of finished product or even for control of reception of raw materials, such as milk and soy.

Faced with an increasingly dynamic world, time is a crucial factor! Revella technology presents itself as a safe, economical and agile option so that industries are not stuck waiting for routine results.


The agricultural industry in Brazil generates around eight billion dollars a year, which corresponds to almost 23% of the national GDP. In this sector, the poultry and pork industry has great expressiveness.

In 2019, more than 13.24 million tons of chicken meat were produced (3rd place in the world ranking), and 3.98 million tons of pork (4th place in the world ranking). Of this total, 5 million tons of meat were exported, between chickens and pigs, according to data provided by Embrapa.

When we also approach the soybean meal market, we have two excellent perspectives: the world continues to increase demand and Brazil remains among the leading countries in production.

For 2021 alone, the grain harvest should grow by 2.5% and beat a new productivity record, that is, 260.5 million tons, according to IBGE.

In this way, we can not only increase production capacity, but also ensure quality in the delivery of soybeans. Reports for proof of non-contamination by Salmonella are important, and here, Revella technology fits with mastery.

Salmonella: All care is still too little

Even though the world has so much concern and zeal in order to avoid this microorganism so small and so cruel, we are still susceptible to having lots and lots of contaminated products on a daily basis.

It is not unusual to find news of contaminated products being removed from supermarket shelves, or even from entire families or companies visiting hospitals due to the symptoms of bacterial contamination by Salmonella.

Currently, the protein industry, whether animal or vegetable, is still susceptible to contamination by bacteria, such as those of the genus Salmonella.

This pathogen is responsible for numerous symptoms of indisposition for humans, and even mortality if not treated in time.

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21st century with identification methodologies from the last century

A hindrance for industries is that microbiological quality control analyzes, in particular the detection of Salmonella, are highly expensive and time consuming, and may take up to 7 days to detect bacterial contamination.

Thus, for the containment of these contaminants in the production chain, quick action and assertiveness in the result is essential.

Revella has the function of detecting the presence of Salmonella in samples from the protein industry. The developer solution combines nanoparticles with DNA molecules, which act as ligands between the pathogen and the nanoparticles.

The use of nanoparticles allows for purely visual colorimetric detection, while DNA molecules guarantee high specificity, in addition to speeding up the results.

Advantages and applications in different industries

In this context, Revella aims to:

Reduce the time to detect pathogens;

Increase productivity in the laboratory routine;

Decrease the waste of materials for microbiological analysis;

Reduce analysis costs.

Revella technology has great potential to contribute in the agricultural sector, increasing safety in the control of bacteria through speed and specificity in the detection of Salmonella. In addition, it enables a significant reduction of waste through a reduction in the volume of biological material discharged in the usual process.

There are countless success cases, whether for controlling input of raw materials, such as soybean meal, milk, or even animal protein, even for testing the final product, whether food or other control raw materials.

It is important to note that the validation of the method is fully monitored by the TNS team of agronomists and food engineers.

With this, a scan in the industry is carried out in order to guarantee the health of the unit, from field analysis to the final product.

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Morphology and operation of the Revella kit

It is normal to encounter questions about the concern with costs and complexity of analyzes involving nano and biotechnology.

Here is one of the great differentials of Revella! As it is a sensor totally focused on the chemical colorimetric result, there is no need for equipment, changes in laboratory routines or highly trained personnel.

Unlike other kits available on the market, where equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is required, the use of Revella technology needs only good laboratory practices, in addition to a conventional source control of each sample. In this way, the use of the kit is incorporated directly into the usual analysis chain, without adding rework to the laboratory routine.

According to the concentration of Salmonella detected, after two hours the visual result is already revealed, and the registration of information can be performed to release, or not, the tested samples.

TNS and International IPPExpo

The International Production & Processing Expo it is the largest annual event for the poultry, meat and feed industry in the world, and in 2021 it will have more than 1,000 exhibitors exhibiting its latest technologies and innovations in the sector.

Investors from all over the world participate every year to make networking and stay on top of the latest technological developments and issues facing the industry. In 2020 alone, IPPExpo had more than 8,063 visitors from 129 countries.

In 2021, TNS will be present with Revella, our latest innovation in the agro sector.

Want to participate? Enter the site and Make your registration! When filling in your details, a link entitled ‘Personal Guide’ will be sent to your email. Open this link and select the categories that interest you most. There is also the possibility to insert words – key to describing products, information or services of interest.


Certainly, if you work in the chain that has direct action with bacteria, you have already been interested in knowing more details about the Revella kit.

We invite you to chat with our team of experts and request a demo of the kit.

Within weeks, we will have your unit mapped in relation to presence and absence in a safe way so that you can focus on what really matters, your production.

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Revella®: Rapid detection of Salmonella in the protein chain