O que é shelf life? Vantagens

You've probably heard the term “shelf life” somewhere. But you know what that means and how important it is to […]

Antimicrobial grouts: how do they work?

Grouts, floors, porcelain tiles and other surfaces capable of promoting health gain strength during and after the pandemic. But you might be wondering, how to functionalize […]

Copper in agriculture: additives with action…

Copper is the most versatile metal on Earth, being used in the most diverse applications. In addition to being essential for our body, it is also indispensable […]

Antimicrobial ceramics: what are their advantages and…

Antimicrobial ceramics help to actively control the growth of microorganisms on various surfaces, prevent cross contamination and ensure more effective cleaning routines […]

Gold nanoparticles: functionality and luxury…

Gold nanoparticles have been widely studied due to their numerous benefits. Its incorporation in formulations of personal care products does not impact […]

TNS Nano and Delila Textile: technology…

At the beginning of the pandemic, Dalila Têxtil was looking for chemical companies that could offer an effective antiviral solution for application in fabrics and knits. […]

Antimicrobial solutions for foams

[antimicrobial solutions for foams are a great differential for the most diverse sectors, such as: textiles, footwear, home items and even automotive]. Daily, producing industries […]

Antimicrobial floors and coatings: safety in…

Have you ever thought that surfaces such as floors and coatings can provide protection against various microorganisms, providing more safety in all environments? In some countries, even […]

TNS Nano: Why are we sustainable?

…our purpose is to take sustainable solutions to different continents and our passion for innovating in products, cultures and people. Sustainability and commitment […]

Fragrance encapsulation: long lasting effect…

The TNS fragrance encapsulation system promotes high protection and a long lasting effect. Fragrances and essential oils are light-sensitive volatile compounds, […]

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