Gold nanoparticles: functionality and luxury…

Gold nanoparticles have been widely studied due to their numerous benefits. Its incorporation in formulations of personal care products does not impact […]

TNS Nano: Why are we sustainable?

TNS Nano: Why are we sustainable?

…our purpose is to take sustainable solutions to different continents and our passion for innovating in products, cultures and people. Sustainability and commitment […]

Fragrance encapsulation: long lasting effect for softeners

Fragrance encapsulation: long lasting effect…

The TNS fragrance encapsulation system promotes high protection and a long lasting effect. Fragrances and essential oils are light-sensitive volatile compounds, […]



Contagion by most viruses, including Covid-19, occurs through small droplets in the nose or mouth that spread […]

New Challenges and Opportunities for AgNP: Virus

New challenges and opportunities for AgNP:…

Many studies and applications are required within the legislation of each country, so that we can affirm that an agent has or does not act under a […]

Antimicrobial Additives: the solution for the Medical-Hospital Sector

Antimicrobial Additives: the solution for…

Cross-contamination It is the contamination from person to person, and it can occur in several ways in a hospital environment. Read on and find out how to protect yourself. […]

Nanotechnology in cosmetics: antimicrobial protection on beauty products

Nanotechnology in cosmetics: Antimicrobial protection in…

The national panorama of the beauty market Brazil is in third place in the ranking of consumption of aesthetic products, behind only the United States […]

The safety of nano-silver in healthcare

The safety of nanosilver in the area…

Known for over 2000 thousand years for its antimicrobial properties, silver has been used in medicine over the years due to its […]

Antimicrobials in personal care products, why apply?

Antimicrobials in personal care products,…

Much has been said about health and well-being, which shows the population's growing concern with quality of life. Beware of public restrooms, […]

Opportunities of the Year Part 2 – Mint Nanoencapsulated

Opportunities of the Year Part 2…

Benefits of mint in fitness fabrics One of the segments of the textile industry that is most suitable for the application of innovative additives is fitness fabrics. Among […]

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