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Antiviral Marketing: understand how to create an assertive campaign

In the midst of a pandemic, an antiviral marketing campaign can be a vital strategy for the continuity of many businesses. However, all information designed for consumers needs to be highly planned, following all moral and ethical principles, always prioritizing public health.

In the current scenario, companies are looking for new ways to develop their products in order to offer extra protection to their consumers.

T-shirts, masks, coats, pants and PPE are some of the examples of antiviral application which has only increased in the face of the pandemic context.

A good Marketing action is crucial for a company that wants to stay in the market, in which it becomes more and more competitive.

Responsible and trustworthy strategy

In the midst of a pandemic, an antiviral marketing campaign can be a vital strategy for the continuity of many businesses.

However, all information designed for consumers needs to be highly planned, following all moral and ethical principles, always prioritizing public health.

It is the full responsibility of the manufacturer to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of its products offered, always keeping in mind that this is an extra protection, therefore, it does not eliminate the essential care related to the pandemic.

TNS Nano offers in addition to additives incorporation in textile articles also any assistance relevant to marketing for the dissemination of products, building with seriousness with its customers an ethical and safe campaign for all.

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How antiviral properties can minimize cross-contamination

The transfer of pathogens from one place to another is called cross contamination, so a contaminated product can transport viruses and bacteria to different locations, increasing the spread of these microorganisms.

In addition to the use of antiviral articles, the disinfection of environments is one of the main effective actions to combat cross-contamination.

In the pandemic plot, we already know that viruses can survive from hours to days outside the human body, depending on the surface that has been contaminated.

Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to apply antimicrobial additives in various materials, to ensure well-being and public health.

TNS additives are developed based on silver nanoparticles and copper, which adds antiviral properties to the tissue, promoting a significant reduction in cross-contamination and helping to contain the spread of diseases.

The main competence of antiviral tissue is the elimination of viruses that come into contact with its surface after 60 seconds.

This protection refers exclusively to the textile substrate treated with the TNS Nano additive and does not extend to the consumer as a whole.

It is essential that in the dissemination of antiviral textiles If the information is clear, the antiviral marketing campaign must ensure that, in addition to the use of the treated article, all WHO recommendations are faithfully carried out.

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Antiviral textile articles proven by international standards

To further strengthen a marketing action for articles treated with TNS Nano antiviral additives, it is essential to ensure the customer indicating all the international standards that we use to prove their antimicrobial effectiveness.

In addition to making the dissemination with antiviral marketing even more interesting for the final consumer, by scoring these international standards, the chances of expanding your market are visibly enhanced, as there is the possibility of exporting your finished products or substrates treated textiles.

The textile substrate incorporated with the TNS Nano additive is a very impressive differential, as it offers greater protection and eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the product.

These checks are carried out following international standards such as ISO 18184 and AATCC 100. This ensures the safety of clothing, preventing it from becoming a means of spreading disease.

Thus, it is possible to minimize the speed of dissemination, which is an extremely relevant factor in the midst of a pandemic.

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How to talk about virus protection through antiviral marketing?

The antiviral article should not include significant protection for public health, just extra security for the individual, and microbial claims should not be prominent over other normal product features.

Some suggestions for manifestations regarding the dissemination of textiles treated with the objective of protection extra would be:

Protection refers exclusively to the treated tissue, and cannot be extended to the user;

The guaranteed properties are proven through international standards properly followed;

WHO guidelines should be maintained even when using antiviral articles;

The use of this textile substrate aims to minimize the speed of disease spread;

Reduction of cross-contamination.

TNS Nano is committed to the truth and provides support to its customers in order to ensure a commitment to health and safety.

Count on us to develop your campaign in the best possible way!

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Examples of antiviral marketing in practice

The publication below refers to the applied finish, its differential technology, develops about the dynamics of disruption and inactivity of the virus in a clear way.

Adding a competitive market advantage in an ethical manner.

marketing antiviral

In the model below, there is technical information about the product efficiency and its functionalities, supporting the antiviral characteristic with the use of an international standard, assuring the consumer that all the quality standards required by it have been complied with.

marketing antiviral

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Count on TNS!

TNS Nano, since the beginning of the pandemic, has been guiding all customers so that there is no misinformation regarding the care that persists in the communication of antiviral marketing.

All the TNS Nano additives they are duly attested by current international standards, thus confirming the excellence of our products.

However, care with the information passed on to consumers is extremely important. We are fully available to assist our customers, constantly prioritizing everyone's safety.

As essential parameters, we should always wash our hands following the recommended procedure and time, disinfect surfaces and environments, leave shoes at the entrance and maintain social distance at all times.

Complying with all the measures correctly and using extra textiles and antimicrobial articles as protection, we will keep everyone safer and healthier.

Thus, we will be able to mitigate the spread and protect ourselves and the whole community.

To build an antiviral line, talk to one of our experts!

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