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TNS antivirals: How to use them in public environments to minimize the effects of the pandemic

Airplanes with antiviral protection, safer hotels than ever before, even buses that we use daily they are more sanitized than some residences.

But are the antivirals available on the market really that effective?? How are the applications of these new materials and products with antiviral characteristics? What is the guarantee of effectiveness with such rapid developments? See below!


In Brazil alone, more than 7 million cases of COVID-19 have already been counted, not to mention the cases of asymptomatic people who do not even know if they have been contaminated or not.

Now imagine a continental country, considered one of the big bets in the world for the future (given its immense potential), with ports, airports and open roads… The potential for cross-contamination is immense, not?

Here comes the important value of using products protected with TNS antiviral and antibacterial action.

If a virus comes into contact with surfaces protected by TNS additives, in a few seconds of contact the virus is inactivated, in order to drastically reduce the potential for cross contamination in any environment.

Pre-pandemic TNS: how the “start” took place

Here at TNS, our day-to-day life revolves around two important pillars:

– customers

– Products

Therefore, our teams seek to develop products and strategies so that the industries operating with TNS are increasingly successful through the use of our deliveries.

Regarding customers, still in February 2020, we received calls and inquiries from some partners and customers about what we intended to do in relation to the new Coronavirus that was about to threaten the world.

At that time, we still had no concrete actions on the subject, only countless uncertainties about what could happen in the event of a pandemic being established.

We were in a moment of transition at the company, many products were in the validation phase, and what we couldn't do was just stop the research that was already in our flow to start from scratch a new study to act against the pandemic.

At the end of February, some employees also asked me about the topic and how the company would behave in the event of a pandemic, we felt that the pressure was great and we could not wait for the chaos to ensue, but yes, we would need to take action and seek important TNS integration: Customers and Products.

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Research, research and research!

Deciding that we would invest time in research in this first moment, we went to all possible literature to know as much as possible about the new coronavirus.

Together with interesting literature, we approached new departments within TNS's partner universities, so that we could obtain collaboration from the scientific community outside the company. Basically, not to fall in love with our technology, but rather, to have something validated by exempt bodies.

During this stage of searching for partners, the pandemic in mid-March was already established in Brazil and practically every country in lockdown.

Fortunately, thanks to all the previous research, our technologies at TNS had an immense potential to have activity against the new Coronavirus, however, we needed studies of time, concentration and possible adverse effects.

Even during lockdown, we were able to contact different competent laboratories and we have already started our external analyzes with massive investments.

We received important support from the SEBRAE and FIESC network here in SC. Right away, it was EMBRAPII's turn to bet together with TNS, ensuring even more analysis and researchers for our team.

By bringing together people, resources and dedication to research, in early April we were the first company in America to provide the antiviral solution for industry.

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Antivirais polímeros

The challenge of different applications

Once validations arrived, our application engineering team was 100% dedicated to sharing the news with our hundreds of active customers, along with a heavy marketing campaign to reach as many companies as possible.

Only then would we achieve our goal, which was to impact society with such technology, and not just our internal team.

Even though we already know a good part of the market and of the applications, as we show in this link, the challenges were immense.

Several campaigns were generated in the middle of the chaos of the lockdown. Canceled trips, our clients' laboratories and industries closed, it was just a rush!

As much as countless people would like to make it happen, some cities prevented them from applying the desired speed.

We were surprised by the resilience and the interest of so many industries and people in such a short time. We left 8 countries served, to more than 16 in a few months of launch, not to mention several new applications validated and approved by third-party laboratories.

I bring some examples of successful functionality: masks and lab coats, hospital shoes and fast foods, textiles for mobility (from planes up until bus), curtains for hospitals, bedding for hotels and even tablecloths for restaurants.

Certainly the applications were huge, and they didn't stop there! We also saw the acrylic partitions being requested by thousands of companies inside and outside Brazil, with this, our customers launched the first sheet of antiviral acrylic in the world.

Still in time, we were tired of sanitizing the packaging that would come from the supermarket, with that, our customers again went ahead and were the first to launch bags supermarket bags, garbage bags and a super transparent film to be applied to any surface of interest, with our antiviral technology.

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Applications in 2021 and public environments

2021 has barely started and we are already in full swing! We have just come out of a period when the lack of raw materials haunted any industry. Even with such uncertainty, we have produced enough additives to incorporate more than 4 billion antiviral T-shirts – this in just a month!

In addition to working with new applications, such as cosmetics, fashion, public safety, we are now at the stage of multiplying the solutions already consolidated in the market.

We saw that airports and bus stations will remain active, a sample of which was our year-end period. And this is where we believe we can make a difference even more. In addition to connecting industries with supply and demand, we can accelerate the incorporation of such technologies in these high-flow environments.

With some strategic partners, we have already covered hundreds of buses and dozens of other sensitive environments. We hope that the awareness of inhibiting cross-contamination remains, and that less and less we can lose lives for such microorganisms so small.

The opportunity for hotel chains, mobility companies and conventional companies to know what options TNS can offer to make their environments safer, is simple and fast.

We have a team of specialists fully available to meet the market demand and share the successful cases on how to protect these environments so that life can return to normal as soon as possible.

Be it a hotel, an airport, a school, whatever is needed to allow society to feel safe once again.

Contact and count on our experts!

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TNS antivirals: How to use them in public environments to minimize the effects of the pandemic